Being a part of Infinity Team feels like

March 2019
April 2015
December 2012
October 2010

Nadeem Quadri

Team Lead

Working with INFINITY LABS has turned out to be a fabulous experience, my choice of joining a new organisation was its people and work and I found it in this company. I enjoy flexibility of work, client interaction, excellent process management, along with its people, open and clear policies and a prospect of bright future along with learning new things. Rather than getting stifled my team really pushes me to the boundaries to seek the solution really makes it worth. I hope I and the company both grow Intellectually and financially.

Arvind Wadkar

Systems Architect

When I recollect my experience I see startup with an idea to be leader in Network Automation and fast forward today Infinity Labs has come long way to achieve this goal by continuously improving every aspect of its business, work culture, team collaboration, adoption of new technologies, customer as well as employee satisfaction and by always doing it better than last time.

Swapnil Tayade

Senior Software Engineer

Working at Infinity Labs is a great source of inspiration, working with talented & devoted people and great work culture. This is a modern and flexible employer which gives you room to grow. At Infinity, I've been given the chance to greatly develop my skills in software development. Infinity keeps moving forward no matter the challenge, and I’m curious and excited to see what the future beholds for this company.

Rajasekhar SG

Tech Lead

Infinity Labs Limited gave me a chance to grow my career into a Tech Lead with the help, assistance and trust of my superiors. I would like to express gratitude for a bevy of perks at Infinity Labs Limited. I have been fortunate to have been surrounded by great individuals; some of whom really care about their jobs and are generous in sharing knowledge for the purpose of making the teams better. This is an amazing opportunity for me. I’d really love to be part of Infinity Labs Limited. Precisely, It’s a great company. I really enjoyed working here with technical evangelist’s, talented people, good friends, nice place, strong team and the best superior I ever had. The Infinity Labs culture and leadership inspire me to work hard and to stay challenged every day. Many thanks for giving me this opportunity.